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Facultad de Ciencias Económicas
Universidad Nacional de La Plata
Calle 6 entre 47 y 48, 3er piso, oficina 312
(1900) La Plata, Argentina
Phone: (+54221)-4229383 int. 14
Phone-Fax: (+54221)-4229383


Topics: Trade and poverty (T&P)

Working Papers

No. 212 (May, 2017). Guillermo Falcone and Luciana Galeano. "Trade reforms and industry wage premium: evidence from Argentina".

No. 154 (February, 2014). Marcela Eslava, John Haltiwanger, Adriana Kugler and Maurice Kugler. "The effects of regulations and business cycles on temporary contracts, the organization of firms and productivity".

No. 134 (July, 2012). Alessandro Nicita, Marcelo Olarreaga and Guido Porto. "Pro-poor trade policy in Sub-Saharan Africa".

No. 124 (October, 2011). Sebastian Galiani and Guido G. Porto. "Trends in tariff reforms and trends in the structure of wages".

No. 119 (June, 2011). Irene Brambilla, Rafael Dix Carneiro, Daniel Lederman and Guido Porto. "Skills, exports, and the wages of seven million Latin American workers".

No. 107 (October, 2010). Mariana Viollaz. "Empleo informal y apertura comercial: evidencia de 20 años de reformas en Argentina".

No. 96 (April, 2010). Guido Porto. "International market access and poverty in Argentina".

No. 79 (December, 2008). Gabriel Sánchez, María Laura Alzúa and Inés Butler. "Impact of technical barriers to trade on Argentine exports and labor markets".

No. 25 (July, 2005). Leonardo Gasparini, Federico Gutiérrez and Guido Porto. "Trade and labor outcomes in Latin America's rural areas: a cross-household surveys approach".

No. 5 (January, 2004). Pablo Acosta and Leonardo Gasparini. "Capital accumulation, trade liberalization and rising wage inequality".


Past Projects

Development implications of services trade liberalization. UNCTAD.

Team: Guido Porto (Director), Mariana Marchionni, Javier Alejo and Pablo Gluzmann.

Areas: T&P

Agricultural price distortions, inequality and poverty. World Bank.

Team: Martín Cicowiez (Director) of CEDLAS, Carolina Diaz-Bonilla (World Bank).

Areas: P&I - T&P

Capital accumulation, trade liberalization, and rising wage inequality: the case of Argentina. Prepared within the Programa de Incentivos-Argentina.

Team: Leonardo Gasparini (Director). In Economic Development and Cultural Change.

Areas: P&I - T&P

Cotton reforms in Zambia. World Bank.

Team: Leonardo Gasparini (Director) and Guido Porto. 2006.

Areas: T&P

Argentina's Distributional Failure: the Role of Globalization and Public Policies. Inter-American Development Bank.

Team: Leonardo Gasparini (Director). Published in Marquez, G. (ed.) (2005). Labor Markets and Globalization in LAC, 2005. Also published as Inter-American Development Bank, Working Papers Series 515, July 2004. Also available in Documento de Trabajo Nro. 1. .

Areas: P&I - EPP - T&P


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