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Facultad de Ciencias Económicas
Universidad Nacional de La Plata
Calle 6 entre 47 y 48, 3er piso, oficina 312
(1900) La Plata, Argentina
Phone: (+54221)-4229383 int. 14
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Topics: Labor market and employment (LM&E)

Working Papers

No. 214 (July, 2017). Does the Adoption of Complex Software Impact Employment Composition and the Skill Content of Occupations? Evidence from Chilean Firms. "Rita K. Almeida, Ana M. Fernandes , Mariana Viollaz ".

No. 213 (June, 2017). Leopoldo Tornarolli. "El fenómeno de los NiNis en América Latina".

No. 210 (April, 2017). Emmanuel Vazquez and Hernan Winkler. "How Is the Internet Changing Labor Market Arrangements? Evidence from Telecommunications Reforms in Europe".

No. 205 (December, 2016). Mariana Viollaz. "Are labor inspections protecting workers’ rights? Adding the evidence from size-based labor regulations and fines in Peru".

No. 204 (November, 2016). Marcelo Bergolo and Guillermo Cruces. "The anatomy of behavioral responses to social assistance when informal employment is high".

No. 199 (June, 2016). Mariana Viollaz. "Enforcement of labor market regulations: heterogeneous compliance and adjustment across gender".

No. 192 (December, 2015). Malena Arcidiácono. "Salario Mínimo y Distribución salarial: Evidencia para Argentina 2003 – 2013".

No. 188 (September, 2015). Leonardo Gasparini, Pablo Brassiolo, Malena Arcidiácono, Laura Carella, Pablo Gluzmann and Jorge Puig. "El empleo público en América Latina: evidencia de las encuestas de hogares".

No. 187 (August, 2015). Matias Busso and Dario Romero Fonseca. "Female labor force participation in Latin America: patterns and explanations".

No. 185 (June, 2015). Leonardo Gasparini and Mariana Marchionni. "Bridging gender gaps? The rise and deceleration of female labor force participation in Latin America: an overview".


Current Projects

The growth-employment-poverty nexus in Latin America in the 2000s. CEDLAS, Cornell University , UN-WIDER.

Team: Gary Fields (Director), Guillermo Cruces, David Jaume and Mariana Viollaz. April 2014 - December 2015.

Areas: P&I - LM&E

Mercados laborales para el crecimiento inclusivo en América Latina. IDRC.

Team: Guillermo Cruces (Director) - María Laura Alzúa (Director) - Leonardo Gasparini (Director) and Ana Pacheco (Executive Director). Project website: http://www.labor-al.org/index.php.

Areas: LM&E

Past Projects

Expansion of social protection programs in Latin America. CEDLAS-International Development Research Center (Canada).

Team: Leonardo Gasparini (Director), Guillermo Cruces and David Jaume. January 2012-December 2014. This study was part of the project "Labour markets for inclusive growth in Latin America".

Areas: LM&E

Analysis of labor informality in Latin America. CEDLAS- International Development Research Center (Canada).

Team: Leonardo Gasparini (Director), Leopoldo Tornarolli, Pablo Glumann and Diego Battiston. January 2012-December 2014. This study was part of the project "Labour markets for inclusive growth in Latin America".

Areas: LM&E

Desigualdades socioeconómicas en el sistema educativo argentino. Programa de Políticas Públicas de Inclusión y Equidad de UNICEF Argentina.

Team: Mariana Marchionni (Director), Emmanuel Vazquez and Florencia Pinto of CEDLAS, Jorge Paz. This project produced the following publications: 1) Marchionni, M., G. Bet y A. M. Pacheco (2007). “Empleo, educación y entorno social de los jóvenes: una nueva fuente de información”. Anales de la Asociación Argentina de Economía Política, XLII Reunión Anual, Bahía Blanca, Argentina, (ISSN 1852-0022, ISBN: 978-987-99570-5-9). (También Documento de Trabajo CEDLAS Nro 61) 2) Marchionni, M. (2005). “Labor Participation and Earnings for Young Women in Argentina”. Documento de Trabajo CEDLAS N°29.

Areas: P&I - LM&E - E&H

Assessing the impact of Argentina’s Ley Federal de Educación on educational and labor outcomes. CEDLAS.

Team: María Laura Alzúa (Director), Leonardo Gasparini and Francisco Haimovich. Examines the impact of education on labor market.

Areas: LM&E - E&H

Educational upgrading and returns to skills in Latin America : evidence from a supply-demand framework, 1990-2010. CEDLAS.

Team: Leonardo Gasparini (Director), Sebastián Galiani, Guillermo Cruces and Pablo Acosta. Project on wage gaps in Latin America.

Areas: LM&E - E&H


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